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Our purpose is to leave genres behind and lift improvisatory music that is born in the inspiration of the moment, to a new level with an exciting instrumentation never heard before. – BOGA

The members of BOGA are the Hungarian ambassadors of “etheric music”, drawing attention with their far from ordinary instrumentation and unique sound. Their spontaneous improvisation is embraced by a hermetic perspective. Word has already spread about the unrepeatable concerts with their totally instrumental-experimental-psychedelic music, consciously created at the altar of the moment. They transmit the sounds of another, timeless reality. Those who listen to their music will be astonished to hear how the eastern plucked string instruments, the electric guitar, the violin, double bass and the clay drum open a door to a new dimension never heard before.

Although certain members of the band already played together before, the five-man lineup was formed in the autumn of 2018.

Sometimes, they play together with an invited guest musician to create a special concert. For example Thomas Gundermann from Munich who is the master of the Moroccan pipe.

The music of Boga is recommended for psy events, jazz and world music programs, sacred spaces, wine festivals, special cultural events, contemporary and theatre performances.


Márton Bakai – violin
Balázs Major – udu, percussions
Roland Heidrich – electric guitar
Vajk Kobza – oud, psaltery, baglama
Tamás Géza Szalay – bass guitar, double bass


“The quartet blends the ancient music styles and elements with tasteful, precise, demanding, and exciting sound. The bands’s musicians are great improvisers and masters of their instruments.”

Sándor Szabó, guitar artist, composer, independent music researcher (2018)


Lebegő kertek (2017)

Out now!
BOGA – Lebegő kertek (EP)
Released: 2017.05.11 (Promotional Only!)

Lebegő kertek a Tejút mentén
Ha a Nagy-Göncöl megindul… (demo version)
Találkozás az ismeretlennel
A kozmosz érintése (live at Szimpla)


2019.08.19. Budapest, Buda Castle Celebration of Crafts Celebration of Crafts
2019.08.17. Őriszentpéter Land of Seven Meadows Land of Seven Meadows
2019.08.11. Siófok, Töreki V. Samsara Festival V. Samsara Festival
2019.07.30. Dádpuszta, HU Ozora Festival Ozora Festival
2019.06.04. Budapest, HU Szimpla Kert Szimpla Kert
2018.08.25. Nagymaros Nomád Bár Nomád Bár
2018.08.24. Szentendre Éjjel-Nappal Festival Éjjel-Nappal Festival
2018.08.18. Szolnok Heritage World Music Festival Heritage World Music Festival
2018.08.17. Esztergom Kaleidoscope House Kaleidoscope House
2018.08.04. Siófok Samsara 4th Europe Edition Samsara 4th Europe Edition
2018.07.06. Erdőbénye Bor, mámor, bénye Festival Bor, mámor, bénye Festival
2018.06.02. Zebegény Waldorfest 2018 Waldorfest 2018
2018.01.27. Nagymaros Piknik Manufaktúra Piknik Manufaktúra
2017.11.18. Nagyvárad, RO Moscow Coffee House Moscow Coffee House
2017.10.20. Esztergom Kaleidoscope House Kaleidoscope House
2017.10.12. Esztergom Szabadkikötő Szabadkikötő
2017.09.06. Budapest Szimpla Kert Szimpla Kert
2017.08.10. Siófok Samsara Festival - Tilos Forest Stage Samsara Festival - Tilos Forest Stage
2016.10.31. Budapest III. Éljetek Halottak Fesztivál III. Éljetek Halottak Fesztivál
2016.09.09. Esztergom Kaleidoszkóp Ház Kaleidoszkóp Ház


2019 © BOGA | Fotók: Ben Soir, SzimplaTV